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Drink Recipes

Piña Colada

A classic drink for when your toes or buried in the sand or dipped in the pool. Here’s what you’ll need to make a delicious Pina Colada: 1 oz. light Puerto Rican rum 1

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Drink Recipes

Mai Tai

This recipe is based on the original Trader Vics recipe, so it is a little less sweet than other Mai Tai’s that you’ll encounter in the wild. Here’s what you’ll need! 2 oz. Jamaican

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Drink Recipes

Planter’s Punch

The Planter’s Punch is said to originate from the Planter’s Hotel in Charleston, SC. If you want a little sweet with your sour this is a great drink to whip up and pass out

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Drink Recipes


Everything you need to make a delicious Scorpion below! 2 oz. Light Puerto Rican Rum 1 oz. Brandy 2 oz. Orange Juice 1 1/2 oz. Lemon Juice 1/2 oz. Orgeat Syrup 1 cup Crushed

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