Tiki Caliente is an annual event that creates the aura of island living, but transports it to Palm Springs, California. It brings together the best music, art, cocktails and people to create a celebration dedicated to Tiki culture. Tiki Caliente touches all of your senses. It´s a combination of sights, sounds, scents and tastes, all in one memorable weekend. From music to art, shopping and socializing, Tiki Caliente will immerse you into the colorful and escapist Polynesian-Pop world. And, since the Tiki culture is partially focused on crafted cocktails, this gathering will also entice you repeatedly with a variety of concoctions made with exotic rums, juices and spices. From our host’s personal creations, to the cocktails made especially for the various on-site room parties, your palate will be enlightened.

More info: tiki-caliente.com

Caliente Tropics
411 E Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs
CA 92264